I felt complete union with the universe and, in an instant, all my questions and doubts were answered. Within a few days I was able to name the phenomenon, and I also discovered that I had more pronounced psychic abilities, though I didn't play around with that much. Things just "happened" and I'd go "wow, that was cool" and pretty much leave it at that. Bear in mind I was still a teenage boy with my teenage concerns like girls, the beach, the band I was in, pimples, and how to get through junior high. My parents split and there was a lot of trauma and drama around that. I remained interested in all things spiritual, listened to Alan Watts lectures on the radio whenever possible, checked out spiritual books from the library and, from time to time, tried to fit myself into an organized religious context... but never could.

At the age of eighteen I still couldn't fit my overriding concern with spiritual matters into a context of making a living, especially since I still couldn't neatly fit my beliefs into a single religious context. It was important enough to me that I figured I wanted to work at it full time. By then I was conducting spontaneous channeling sessions with my friends, though I didn't call it that, learning to manifest outcomes with exercises like rolling dice with a shifted reality consciousness, and using visualizations to assist with sports and musicianship. But I couldn't see myself entering a monastery or ashram, and had already seen examples of corrupt gurus and religious institutions. Not knowing what else to do I went to college, changed my major several times, met up with a beautiful and mysterious single mom, then dropped out and joined the working world. There I stayed, working in various occupations like banking, retail, electronics, raising two kids, running my own business, going through a divorce, all the normal stuff.

At about the age of thirty three, I got an unmistakable call to be of spiritual service, quit my job, and underwent a self directed program of spiritual study, meditation, trainings and collaborations. I took on some intense healing experiences, and at a surprising moment had another Kundalini rising experience which felt different from the first, causing some uncontrolled physical effects and concentrating partially in my hands. Shortly afterwards I discovered that I could do healings on others over a distance and also through laying on of hands. It was 1998, and I still didn't know what to do with my spirituality, but I was getting pretty enthused about it.  I took Reiki to the master level, got ordained in the Universal Life Church, read a lot of books and spent six months doing weekly sessions with a psychic, learning about spirit guides and how interesting it is to integrate another person's belief system with your own. It was all very valuable but I also learned how important it is to promote a client's self-empowerment and to avoid encouraging them to become addicted to another person's psychic or healing power.

Next I entered massage therapy school and earned my CMT, also doing healings on anyone who would let me.  I wanted to start a formal healing and spiritual counseling practice at that time but wasn't quite ready.  So I went back to college, completed degrees with honors in Social and Behavioral Science and in English / Creative Writing and then transferred to the university where I earned a Religious Studies Degree, Cum laude, with a minor in Creative Writing in 2005. By early 2006 I had worked as a journalist and photographer in Bellingham, Washington and was wondering what my next step would be. And that's where Sheryl found me—finally ready to share my training and a few of my skills.

Paul’s Resume

About Paul

“It’s a pleasure to work with Paul because he has such integrity, commitment and passion for what he does. He’s compassionate and wise yet direct and very plain spoken. What I love most is watching his face as he does healing work with people on the table. He gets so peaceful and looks at people with such love and compassion his very presence is healing but he’s so busy focusing on his work that he seems totally unaware of that fact. He’s very grounded and helps people feel safe and that’s something I particularly feel grateful for.”

—Sheryl Karas

Hi. Pleased to meet you. I'm Paul Hood, a 46 year old white male doing spiritual counseling and energy healing.

The last time I was asked "Who are you?" in a significant way was in the middle of a transpersonal psychology session about twenty years ago— I had sort of accidentally dropped into a past life regression and I guess the therapist was trying to locate me. My answer was, "I am white light." I still like that answer. But most of the time I'm a pretty normal guy. So normal that I actually don't have a lot of interest in new-agey stuff. I didn't necessarily believe in past lives at the time of my regression and most of that experience wasn't fun. Don't get me wrong; I have explored various modalities of spiritual expression, finding value in most of the things that I've checked out. At the core, however, I'm very straight forward and practical. I like to cut to the chase and I generally prefer simplicity over anything that might muck things up. "I am white light." Your little ray of sunshine. But I think if you're going to hire me you deserve to know more than that.

When I was a kid, I got very interested in things mystical and magical and I never really got over that. I read Autobiography of a Yogi and other classic texts and was meditating a lot. I was very interested in discovering the true nature of reality. By the time I was thirteen or so, I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening experience during meditation. I did not know what that was, not by name, but had a pretty good idea that this was a powerfully enlightening experience. My experience was one of intense joy and love, accompanied by the physical sensation of spiraling energy rushing from the base of my spine up to the top of my head—and outward.

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