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“Sheryl’s ability to effortlessly flow back and forth between client, spirit guides and our own input is truly amazing. But Sheryl also has many years of peer counseling experience which really help to move people through important life transitions even when there are tough choices involved. Sheryl is playful and works from the heart and she sets a healing space that feels homey and warm. I can scarcely imagine a partnership with another person in the context of the work we do.”

—Paul Hood

All my work has uplifting or healing content. If you want to find out more about the artist/writer aspect of who I am check out my author/artist site. That’s where you can find my three published books, The Solstice Evergreen: The History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree, Changing the World One Relationship at a Time: Focused Listening for Mutual Support & Empowerment, and The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving. Interestingly enough my art, writing, healing and spiritual interests are coming together in my next works in the most interesting of ways. I'm working on three books right now and designing a tarot deck, all using the spiritual principles I’ve been learning in my own healing path as an inspiration. (Agents and publishers, please take note!)

Flower Essence Therapy is forming the framework for three of these projects. I have been using flower essences, an offshoot of homeopathy, for many years and have my own flower essence aromatherapy company. The tarot deck is based on flower essence therapy and is planned to be a tool in using this modality more effectively.

Last but not least, I probably should mention my education and work history. I have a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Psychology and Women's Studies from Simmons College, Boston. (I grew up in New England.) I spent 20 years working as a graphic designer, mostly self-employed, with a specialty in book cover art and book design. During this time I also became a teacher and leader in the Re-Evaluation Counseling community, an organization dedicated to teaching people basic listening and empowerment skills. I taught classes and workshops, led support groups, and eventually became authorized to certify new teachers and supervise their growth and development. I'm no longer a member of that organization but the experience did lead me to seek a graduate degree in psychology when my graphics work stopped being fulfilling.

After receiving my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology I worked as program coordinator and support group leader for the Alzheimer's Association and then as a Family Caregiving Consultant and newsletter editor for Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center, a state-supported program run by a nonprofit called Health Projects Center in Santa Cruz, CA. During that time I also pursued training in Medical Intuition and various forms of energy healing, became a Flower Essence practitioner and Reiki Master, and paved the way for where I am today.

Sheryl’s Resume

Hi, I’m Sheryl Karas.

If someone had told me years ago that I’d be accessing higher guidance to work with my clients I would have said “you’re out of your mind!” I didn’t have much of a spiritual focus and didn’t feel comfortable with people who supposedly channeled beings from the other side. So when I had an uncontrolled psychic opening and started hearing the voice of my guides as a result of a crisis several years ago, I was terrified beyond belief.

Now, hearing spiritual guidance is as natural as brushing my teeth and, although I have always enjoyed counseling people without using spiritual input for 25 years, my greatest delight has become watching the amazing transformations possible when working in concert with my guides.

I'm dedicated to doing work that matters. I LOVE helping people have better relationships with themselves and others, to the work they want to be doing in the world, and to their own inner guidance. I got into this work on the path of following my heart in all things. You see, I had serious health challenges throughout my earlier life and, while I found all the things I explored helpful on my healing path— diet, herbs, Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation, Flower Essence Therapy, and energy healing—nothing has been more important than bringing forward what I have been called to offer the world. I’ve learned over the years that staying true to one’s heart is the key to manifesting one’s highest purpose. And my heart is fulfilled by doing art, writing, counseling and healing.

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