Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Both of us have received Reiki Master training but do forms of energy healing that go far beyond what we were taught. Paul has learned a variety of additional psychic healing techniques and Sheryl has studied meridian balancing (see below). We both work with spiritual guidance and stay with what needs to happen in each moment, working gently yet powerfully to support each client to heal whatever blocks them from living the healthiest happiest lives possible.

Our observation is that nothing is impossible—we're limited by our own perceptions and beliefs more than anything else. Within the structure of certain religious institutions—evangelical churches and shamanistic societies, for example—miraculous spontaneous healings are expected and people are primed and supported to rejoice and accept them as real. Outside of these systems it is necessary to support a person to be able to accept such powerful experiences so they can integrate them in a healthy way. Our commitment is to only go as far as what is beneficial for a given person at any particular time given the support you have in your life, your religious beliefs and the choices you wish to make. But we will guide you to your highest spiritual development so you can integrate this work as fully as possible.

When you work with us in-person you remain fully clothed, seated comfortably in a chair or lying on a massage table. When we work long distance we use additional tools, as required, to focus our attention but the healing proceeds the same way. Clients sometimes report a sensation of heat or movement, some people see colors or report other phenomena, but none of these sensations need be noticeable for healing to occur. We most often work in tandem, sharing insights and guiding your own process as the session proceeds.


Reiki is a relative newcomer to the Western world, only being practiced in this country since the 1970's. However, it has been used in Japan since the 1870's when Dr. Mikao Usui brought it to his country, supposedly after learning the secret healing rituals of an ancient Tibetan monastery. His associate Dr. Chujiro Hayashi ran a Reiki clinic in Japan in the early 1900's. It was there that a woman who lived in the Hawaiian islands, Hawayo Takata, received healing from what was supposed to be a terminal illness. She became the first woman to learn Reiki and eventually created a simplified version stripped of most of its Buddhist trappings for an American audience. She started teaching in the United States in 1973.

Reiki practitioners learn to send healing life force energy to themselves or to another person through their hands using, essentially, nothing more than intention and visualization of ancient sacred symbols. But this isn't just an example of the placebo effect running wild. Studies have shown that Reiki and similar energy healing techniques such as Therapeutic Touch can increase hemoglobin levels in the blood, increase spleen and nervous system function, and reduce pain and anxiety. Dozens of research projects studying Reiki's effectiveness in affecting every disease imaginable are currently underway. Most preliminary reports point towards Reiki's usefulness as a complementary therapy; however, it is not a substitute for standard medical care.

Meridian Balancing

The acupuncture meridians hold energetic charges related to past distress of all sorts. When that charge builds up too much without being released the result is decreased energy flow or even outright blockages. This can lead to physical illness and an impaired ability to weather both physical and emotional distress. Sometimes there are energetic connections to other people that need to be cleared away, chakra imbalances or emotional splits to be repaired. But many times the process of healing consists of nothing more than bringing increased awareness and understanding to the problem and sending Reiki to clear the energy meridians themselves.

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