1. How much do you charge?

  2. What kinds of issues have you worked with?

  3. Can you help me with [such and such specific problem]?

  4. Can you heal me of [name your illness here]?

  5. How long will healing take?

  6. I think someone has put a curse on me. Can you remove it?

  7. Do you speak to dead relatives?

  8. Will your work conflict with my religion?

  9. Will you try to get me to meditate or give up meat?

  10. Do you work with children?

  11. Do you work with animals?

How much do you charge?

  1. A sliding scale of $75-150/hr

What kinds of issues have you worked with?

  1. Marriage and relationship issues; parenting and family caregiving; life purpose, career, business and life direction;  emotional or physical well-being; understanding and working with repeating life patterns;  issues of spiritual development

Can you help me with [such and such specific problem]?

  1. We have never had a client walk away without receiving something of value from their session. For some people that means psychic insights; for others it's a broader spiritual perspective that allows them to work with their problems more effectively. We often are able to clear stuck patterns on the mental, emotional or energetic level. And frequently this results in physical healing. We don't know what will take place in any given session but we do know some level of healing—whether it's mental, emotional, physical or spiritual— is likely to occur.

Can you heal me of [name your illness here]?

  1. We strongly recommend that you consult with a doctor providing conventional western medical approaches before using our services. But sometimes the pain a person is experiencing is a spiritual wake-up call. If you're ready for the changes a healing would create, and you’re willing to work with us to address any issues in the way, remarkable healing can happen.

  2. We'll do everything we can to get you to that place where full healing can take place if there are emotional, mental or spiritual patterns holding you back. And we know that adding our expertise to the services your medical practitioners provide can speed recovery. Often we see full healing from our services alone. But we can't guarantee that a full healing will occur.

How long will complete healing take?

  1. We don’t know—it’s not up to us. Some people can handle huge rock-your-world kind of changes. Some people need their spiritual growth to come in manageable chunks. We'll go as fast as you can healthily allow but we can't predict what you're going to do with the information you receive from us and whether the changes you wish are ones you're really ready to make. Are you willing to give up a cherished belief or habit? What about a painful marriage, a career or some other significant life choice? Healing can happen in an instant when you're ready and the conditions are right. We've seen it happen time and again. But if this illness is a "choice" your being made to teach a deeper life lesson, your path could involve significantly more work. We'll help you every step of the way but it's your commitment, in this case, that's going to make the difference.

I think someone has put a curse on me! Is it true, and if so, can you remove it?

  1. The suggestion that a person has been cursed is a very common practice used by low budget palm readers, fortune-tellers and rip-off artists of all kinds designed to frighten their clients into paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the extra "special curse-removing services" only they can do. We don't do this. We have, however, met people who believed they were cursed or under attack by some sort of evil force. In every case, their own habits (alcohol or drug abuse being the most common) or their damaged emotional boundaries or beliefs were the root of the disorder. "Shadow" elements of a person's personality—repressed emotions and beliefs the person doesn't choose to identify with themselves—can also be to blame. Sometimes there does appear to be entities of some sort that can be dispatched but, again, they won’t do harm unless the client has an issue of their own that needs to be addressed. We have worked with all these things on occasion. 

Do you speak to dead relatives?

  1. We haven't been actively soliciting for this but it has occurred spontaneously— for healing benefit— in the course of our work.

Will your work conflict with my religion?

  1. We hope not! We try to work within the framework of our clients’ beliefs as much as possible. We're very eclectic spiritually ourselves but find ourselves drawing most on metaphysical principles and philosophy.

Will you try to get me to meditate or give up meat?

  1. We might. But we're not vegetarians and we don't promote any one form of spiritual practice.

Do you work with children?

  1. It depends on the situation. We can give you guidance about how to work with your children. And some children respond particularly well to energy healing because they don't have the same hang-ups adults have to get in the way. We have also worked quite effectively with children having problems with psychic experiences. Tell us the situation and we’ll talk.

Do you work with animals?

  1. Medical intuition insights, hands-on energy healing or flower essences are often useful tools for pets and other domestic animals. We work with our own pets all the time and we'd be happy to be of assistance for yours in any way we can.

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