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Intuitive health consultations are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and we can’t use our intuitive abilities to help you avoid appropriate medical care. But, it can be a wonderful way to access mind/body/spirit connections that the medical system doesn’t address. We frequently address emotional issues and belief systems that stand in the way of healing and it is our experience that the physical body acts as a reflection of a person's emotional state of being, mental beliefs and spiritual orientation. By understanding the interconnection of mind, body and spirit it is sometimes easier to unravel long-standing health issues. We can then use a variety of energy healing and spiritual counseling techniques to gently yet powerfully help you shift these detrimental patterns. That work supports healing on every level.

Example of our work:

A Chip On A Shoulder

We once had a client come to us with a painful shoulder. He knew exactly how he hurt it. He didn’t expect us to play doctor or give him a medical diagnosis. But, having had several effective sessions with us before, he wondered if there was a psychological or spiritual component to his getting hurt since the incident seemed to be part of a repeating pattern.

We both took a look psychically and Sheryl answered his concerns first. “It seems like it’s hard for you to receive the help you need in your life.” Then Paul jumped in “No, it’s worse! It’s like something from outside yourself is impeding you from getting the help you need!” We were all quiet for a minute, none of us knowing what that intuition could mean and Paul dropped into a deeply meditative state. When he came back out he said “I don’t know why I’m supposed to ask you this but I’m wondering how this proposition that’s coming up for a vote (Proposition 8) is affecting you.” If the proposition passed it would take away our client’s right to legitimize his 25 year old gay partnership through marriage.

The  pain in our client’s face was immediate and a deep grief was palpable in the room. “This is it” he said. He talked about the “chip on his shoulder” he felt he always carried for being different and how the struggle for equal rights was a terrible cross to bear especially with the vicious advertising campaign being waged across the state designed to take away those hard-won rights once again. He didn’t want to ask for help again. He didn’t want to have to beg his friends to go to the polls and vote. He didn’t want to feel the pain and humiliation of coming out in public—again—and to look to the outside world to provide him with a feeling of legitimacy through fighting this proposition. He didn’t dare even think about it...but it was there and it was getting in his way and causing physical pain.

We counseled and talked for some time. While we, of course, couldn’t solve the entire problem of gay rights and legitimacy in a single counseling session, our client left feeling satisfied that he knew how he wanted to handle this situation and ended the session by asking us to vote, which we were happy to do.

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