Marriage and Relationships

We believe a conscious approach to relationships is the way to go. Approaching your life consciously means a lot of things. Primarily it means not allowing childhood conditioning, past choices, and old feelings left over from those experiences to run the show. It means loving and empowering yourself as much, if not more, than you give to another. And it means knowing that the qualities you seek in another are ones YOU possess and that YOU have as much to offer as anyone else. Then your relationships can be a wonderful refuge of mutual safety, love and support.

We have worked with couples and individuals wanting help with their relationships from the earliest days of our practice.  Since we can provide both a male and a female perspective it’s a lot easier for us to create safety for both men and women than it might otherwise be. We can get at the heart of what hinders or helps you in relationships right away and, if you’re in a couple, we can shed light for both of you on the individual parts you play in the dynamics that get played out in your relationship together.

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