What to Expect in a Typical Session

A typical session with us is far from typical. We combine psychic guidance with peer-based counseling, energy healing and spiritual teaching according to the needs of each client in the moment. Sometimes we sit and talk as if it were a three-way psychotherapy session and never lay hands or do long distance energy healing with a client at all. Other times we focus on energy healing throughout the session. Both in-person and phone sessions employ all these techniques.

An average length session is about 60 minutes. We can do longer sessions and, once you’re established as a client, shorter ones and schedule our appointments in at least 30 minute increments.

We keep your session in strict confidence. Please rest assured that we share our client list with nobody and nobody will ever know what you said or worked on in your session unless you choose to share something for other people's benefit in a testimonial.

We start each session by creating a feeling of sacred intent. We get quiet, create a healing space, and ask our guides and angels in to help. Then we turn the session over to you. "What brings you here today and how can we help?" You talk, we listen, and the session flows organically from there.

Please come prepared with a specific issue you want help with but be prepared to discuss “side issues” or health concerns that are ailing you as well if there’s enough time. Frequently emotional or life issues are intimately tied to physical complaints.  When that’s true it's best to unravel them all at once.

We work together as a team—you are an active participant in your own healing and spiritual awakening. We believe in personal empowerment and spiritual development. For some people this means emotional processing. For others, a simple clearing of the chakras might suffice. Others don't want energy healing at all. We respect your needs and work for your highest well-being.

When we do energy healing you needn’t be in the room. Energy work, like all spiritual healing, works through the intention of the healer in concert with the ability of the recipient to allow it. It is not confined by time or space. We utilize healing techniques from several different traditions. Clients sometimes report a sensation of heat or movement, some people see colors or report other phenomena, but none of these sensations need be noticeable for healing to occur. We most often work in tandem, sharing insights and guiding your own process as the session proceeds.

Healing work is not always "feel good" work. We tell people the truth: "Yes, you will have to give up 'XYZ"." "No, in this case, we can't help you avoid surgery." "Yes, you will have to face your deepest fears." Sometimes the most healing comment we can make is "No, you can't have it your way—it's time to accept and heal your relationship with what's happening." We can't always "fix" your life....but we ALWAYS try to tell you what you need to hear to deal with your problems in the most constructive healing way possible. Most people leave feeling better, happier, more in touch with their power and the world of possibility. People often report that chronic pain they've had for years has disappeared or that they suddenly have a new lease on life. However, we can't promise that you'll respond the same way.

When we end a session we always take the time to thank the spiritual beings that aided us that day. We hear any last words of advice they have to say and take care of any loose ends or misconceptions that need to be cleared up before you go on your way.

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