Practitioner Disclosures

Sheryl Karas and Paul Hood are spiritual consultants and energywork practitioners. Most states and provinces in North America do not provide a license for these fields. Both Paul and Sheryl are ULC ministers and certified Reiki Masters. Paul is a California state certified massage therapist. We frequently work with health and well-being issues and utilize peer-based emotional counseling techniques, but neither of us is a licensed physician, psychotherapist or other licensed health professional. Information we provide is often psychic in nature and as such is always open to personal interpretation. It should never be construed as medical diagnosis, consultation or treatment.

Studies show that energy healing can aid relaxation, reduce pain and accelerate the rate of healing from injury or disease. It is also possible that complete healing from a specific disease or condition may occur; however, we cannot claim that this will be the case nor can we predict how long it will take for clients to achieve their goals. Neither should this service be considered a substitute for conventional medical care.

We always recommend that you consult with the appropriate medical or mental health professionals.


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